BMW M4 GT4 (2021)

At the moment i’m working on a detailed model of a BMW M4, below there’s a few images of the work in progress in 3DSmax.

Preproduction Howest Digital Arts & Entertainment 2021 Assignment: -Crossing the Desert-

Design a floating single-person vehicle that is able to travel long distances through desert landscapes.

Internship at Moritz Racing

To keep working on 3D modelling I decided to do an internship on voluntary base. I found Moritz Racing in Amsterdam. (
They are interested in having a visualization of their racing car to be able to place different logo’s on the car for potential sponsors. In the near future they are planning on starting to 3D printing car parts, Below you can see my work in progress on their Marcos Mantis modelled with 3DSmax and I started creating the texture in Photoshop.


High Poly Volkswagen T1 transporter

Used Software: 3Dsmax, Photoshop & Arnold for the rendering.

Front view VW t1 transporter

Wireframe VW t1 transporter

Rear view VW t1 transporterWorld War 1 Fokker Stylized


World War 2 Stylized tank

Airstream Caravan

 American bicycle 

Fiets definitief