Robotic Outlaws

Concept Art of the character “Rusty Mcbolton” (left) and “Ticker Brass” (right)

Rusty McBoltonRusty McBolton ticker

One of the most recent projects I’ve been working on is called “Robotic Outlaws”.
I came up with the concept together with a friend of mine.

It is a futuristic/western based game with robots. Earth is dumping their scrap, metal and old robots/parts on the planet Rustyard IV.  The robots have rebuilt their own civilization from the scrap on the planet. The planet consists of two factions “The cops” from the city of “Copper Wells” with Rusty Mcbolton as their Sherif, and the “Outlaws” from “Wrenchtown”  with Ticker Brass as their commander.  The two factions are constantly in a battle against each-other to get control of the central point “Junkyard ” which will give them access to resources to expand and improve their robots, structures, vehicles and weapons.


Planet Rustyard IV

Rusty McBolton Modelsheet

Modelsheet “Rusty McBolton”

Rusty McBolton Uvw new

Progress of the 3D model of Rusty McBolton

WIP McBolton

streamliner4_1024 streamliner_1920

Reference material of the motorcycle.

Streamliner Rusty

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