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I started studying Game Graphics in Belgium at Howest (Digital Arts & entertainment) in september 2017.
Since then I’ve been working on a couple of projects like for example making a detailed high poly vehicle,  a low poly diorama  as shown below.

Used software: 3Dsmax, Photoshop and Arnold for the rendering.

High Poly Volkswagen T1 transporter

Front view VW t1 transporter Wireframe VW t1 transporter Rear view VW t1 transporter

Besides working on the above shown project I have also been practicing creating handpainted textures by making a diorama, plane and a rifle.
I used a cintiq like tablet to achieve this.

The Big Catch Tavern

The project below is a Lowpoly diorama, based on a sketch i made from an imaginary place in Milano Italy

Benz_Jeroen_1DAE03_03_Final Benz_Jeroen_1DAE03_03_Final_Shading Benz_Jeroen_1DAE03_03_Final_Reference

City Scene Milano

Sketching/ Photoshop 2018

The examples shown below are my attempt on making a design  of a walker that would fit in the war in the backstory provided in the first image.
One of the requirements was that it had to be a vehicle on legs and it needed a clear function (for example Armored Engineering or medical Vehicle) as if it would serve in the war.


Final Vertical Design Lineart_Perspective_Front Lineart_Perspective_Back Lineart_References Horizontal Designs (2) Horizontal Designs (1)

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