Jazz Jackrabbit Remake

Jazz-cover  2. jazz 2 voorbeeld

As one of my hobby projects I’ve been working on a remake of the game Jazz Jackrabbit. This game is one of the reasons I started playing video games. It is still one of my favorite games that takes me back to my childhood. I became really intrested in the design process of making videogames, and making a recreation of my favorite childhood game is one the things that drives me to practice this.

Within a couple of weeks in total, I managed to create a playable preview in Unity 3D.
You can download the preview for Windows/Mac here: https://tinyurl.com/y9k3qxxu

Work process
The most difficult part of this project was creating the characters in 3D, because there were not many references on the internet besides the sprite sheets of the characters in 2D.
I started making sketches and converted this with Photoshop into model sheets which I used to create the 3D models. After creating the models I started to unwrap the models with UVlayout and used this to paint the textures on the characters by using a drawing tablet in Photoshop.
Here are a few of the 3D models in the game. (still work in progress)


Devan wireframe

enemy wireframe

 JazzJackrabbitII015  huistunnel

House Jazz

extra  kanon

WIP rigging
When the character models were pretty much done I started skinning them in 3dsMax to fine tune them for the animations.
I created the character animations by using the animation flow on the sprite sheet of the original Jazz Jackrabbit game, as shown on the example of the sprite sheet below.
walk jazz


A friend of mine, Willem van der Tuuk who is a graduated sound designer, helped me realize this project by making the background music. He was listening to the original soundtrack of the game and tried to recreate the same sound and feel, that made the music in Jazz Jackrabbit unique. Here are some of the tracks that I used in the game on his soundcloud. 

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