Howest DAE 2020/2021

Here you can find some of the recent work I created in the Game Graphics Production course in
2020 / 2021 at Howest Digital Arts & Entertainment

Preproduction first semester
Assignment: -Crossing the Desert-

Design a floating single-person vehicle that is able to travel long distances through desert landscapes.

Preproduction second semester
Assignment: -Rendezvous-

Design and present the remains of Space Station V on an alien planet in a thoughtful composition painting with the focus on credibility and creativity. For the space station design you use the given concept of “Space Station V” from Stanley Kubric’s 2001: A Space Odyssey

Preproduction second semester
Assignment: -The Tower-

In the assignment below I had to create a piece of colour shaded digital art in Photoshop with a 15th century tower.

Digital Sculpting: Adventure Camp assignment

In this course I go introduced to Zbrush and created an Adventure camp inspired by environments from the Night elves in World of Warcraft. It was a really fun project to work on and I learned most of the basics of this 3D sculpting tool.

1st Preproduction assignment: The town Square

Below you can find the hand for an assignment in which I had to create a small idyllic Town Square.

2nd Preproduction assignment: Bite the dust

In this assignment I created a walking tank inspired by an American WW2 tank that has a mine sweeper and it can go onto rough terrains and areas with snow.

Preproduction second semester
assignment: Pirate Chest

In the second semester we started practicing digital shading techniques in Photoshop. I created a Pirate Chest inspired by reference of an old wooden chest.

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