About me

BruggeI’m always looking for new challenges and one of my dreams would be to work as a 3D artist in an independent studio producing vehicles.

I graduated as a Game Artist and continued studying Communication Multimedia Design. After achieving my propaedeutic diploma, I moved to Belgium and started a Game Graphics Production bachelor in at Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen (Digital arts & entertainment) in september 2017 till the end of 2018.

Mainly my focus is on drawing vehicles, structures and realize them in 3D with the use 3dsMax and photoshop. I provide them with textures in photoshop with the use of a Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet. I have always been working and exploring different types of work but this is the one that I enjoy the most. I’m always up for learning new software and techniques and I want to take my skills to the next level.

Schotland Isle of SkyeThe fact that you would have to travel a lot for your job is one of the things that attracted me the most. I especially love travelling around europe with my 1973 Volkswagen Beetle.  I recently had a roadtrip in from Holland to Isle Of Skye (scotland). Maintaining this classic car is one of my hobbies next to wall climbing.


I participated in the “Global Game Jam” a couple of times and volunteered on one of them to capture 3D animations in a Motion capture suit in the studio in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands).This was in the same studio where Crytek has been recording the animations for characters in Crysis 3.

Software and experience:

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator (~5 years of experience)
  • Autodesk 3ds Max, modelling, animating, rendering: V-ray/Mental ray (~5 years)
  • Unity 3D engine, level design, workflow, basic coding: zsharp, javascript (~3 years)
  • HTML / CSS, twitter bootstrap, ModX. WordPress, joomla (basics) (~3 years)
  • Headus UVlayout (~3 years)

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