2D Art

2020 design of an italian diorama


2018 Preproduction, design of a legged warmachine

The examples shown below are my attempt on making a design  of a walker that would fit in the war in the backstory provided in the first image.
One of the requirements was that it had to be a vehicle on legs and it needed a clear function (for example Armored Engineering or medical Vehicle) as if it would serve in the war.

Final Vertical Design Lineart_Perspective_Front Lineart_Perspective_Back Lineart_References Horizontal Designs (2) Horizontal Designs (1)


Rusty McBolton Rusty McBolton


Streamliner Rusty

Color pallets

gun progress


main character
Character “Sky Jack”

zeppelin pixelart

Zeppelin of the main character “Sky Jack”

Pirate Ship

Sky Pirate ship


Subbeats NIEUW

overzicht project rijkswaterstaat
Assets for an isometric webbrowser game for a serious game from Rijkswaterstaat