One of my most recent projects is a Lowpoly diorama, based on a sketch i made from an imaginary place in Milano Italy

Benz_Jeroen_1DAE03_03_Final Benz_Jeroen_1DAE03_03_Final_Shading Benz_Jeroen_1DAE03_03_Final_Reference

City Scene Milano

Besides this  above shown project I have also been practicing creating handpainted textures by making a diorama of a pirate tavern.

The Big Catch Tavern

Visualization Ibiza bar 2015

The images below are presenting a visualization of an Ibiza bar located at a lake (Zuidlaardermeer) in Drenthe (Netherlands). I used 3dsMax and Photoshop to create the models and most of the textures and made the final renders by using Mental Ray.

5. Zijaanzicht


Visualization of Groningen (The Netherlands)

One of the clients I worked for on an internship wanted a visualization from the city; Groningen for a project that is presenting music events in the city on a website.
To do so I used google streetview and photo’s of buildings in the city. My own twist to this project is that I wanted bring back the original city’s wall from the middle ages back around Groningen.

Groeninga map  Groningen

Groningen uvw